2019 Conference Program

Friday, August 9, 2019

8:30am to 10:00am

Breaking Down the FIRE Movement – What Financial Planners Need to Know

Speaker: Harry Sit  

There have been a growing number of those in their 20’s and 30’s gravitating toward the financial independence, retire early movement, or FIRE for short. This talk will break down when this movement began and how it has increased in popularity in recent years. The discussion will focus on the positive financial and life strategies that have grown out of the movement as well as the potential downsides.

10:20am to 12:00pm

The Silver Tsunami and Diminished Capacity

Speaker: Dr. Jim McCabe  

When an individual is suffering from diminished capacity, he/she is exposed to a number of risks, including: elder abuse, undue influence and physical harm.

As an advisor, what do I do? Are there limits in terms what I can and can’t do without creating liability for myself and my practice? How do I approach this difficult conversation with my client? When can I share information with other stakeholders? Are there resources in the community to assist clients and their families in these situations?

This seminar is designed to an informative and interactive session that will educate participants about the nature of diminished capacity and some resources to minimize the risks to you and your clients.

1:30pm to 3:10pm

Numbers That Matter: How To Make Better Financial Plan Projections For Your Clients

Speaker: Eric Lewis, CFP®, CFA   & Sharon Lacy, CFP®  

In order to guide our clients in an uncertain world, we need to make assumptions about the future. The default settings in popular financial planning programs are often incomplete, inconsistent or at variance with the current state of the world. In this session, we will identify problematic areas, propose solutions, and equip participants with the tools they need to make more realistic plans. The majority of the discussion will focus on setting appropriate growth rates (a.k.a. capital market assumptions). Additionally, we will look at common issues with Social Security and tax planning.

3:20pm to 5:00pm

Investing in the Zone

Panel moderated by John Bacigalupi  

The Qualified Opportunity Zone legislation was created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 to encourage long-term investment in designated communities know as Qualified Opportunity Zones. This unique initiative preserves capital gains and delivers potential tax benefits to investors. Our session consists of a panel of experts in the real estate, tax and legal arenas that will provide an overview of this legislation, an understanding of the different paths investors and advisors can take to participate, as well as an understanding of the risks that are associated with this complex topic.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

8:30am to 10:10am

Utilizing Insurance in a Fee-Only Practice

Speaker: Tim Rembowski  

The formerly commission-driven insurance industry is taking significant strides to accommodate the fiduciary standards of fee-only advisors. In this presentation, advisors have the opportunity to learn how best to leverage insurance planning and fulfillment through new channels that are commission-free and cost-effective. Learn how to bring insurance under your firms management, from starting the conversation to finding a value-driven, no-load solution that plays an important piece within their financial plan.

10:20am to 12:00pm

Around the World in 100 Minutes

Speaker: Raymond Sheffield  

Is your client a non-US citizen? Is their spouse? Are they non-resident aliens? What about their parents? Do they own US real estate? There are many issues and tax traps for the non-citizen client. Are they eligible for relief under a tax treaty? What if they are not? Some will only get a sixty thousand dollar estate tax exemption? This presentation will help you be able to spot the issues regarding your non-citizen clients and help provide the highest quality service to them.

1:30pm to 3:10pm

Financial Planning and the Future: Finology/Financial Planning 3.0

Speaker: Elissa Buie, CFP®   & Dr. David Yeske CFP®  

Financial Planning 1.0 was where the classical tools of finance were applied to individuals and families to create financial planning, and it was focused on the numbers. Financial Planning 2.0 represents the emergence of Financial Life Planning, where we more fully and formally incorporated the human dimension into financial planning. Financial Planning 3.0 is the stage where we begin to recognize that money permeates everything and always has, in terms of human consciousness. Therefore, a full understanding of money and the ability to come to terms with it in our lives, requires viewing money through the lenses of history, literature, sociology, religion, etc.

3:20pm to 5:00pm

Grab Your Lasso and Ride off into the Sunset: Succession Planning for Fun and Profit

Speakers: Susan Danzig   & Team

This panel of seasoned experts discusses how to develop a successful financial planning practice and sell that practice and transition to retirement. Some practices can be sold internally to a financial planner trained and developed by the retiring owner, or if no suitable rising star exists within the practice, the practice can be developed for sale to an external buyer. This panel includes experts in business development, Mergers and Acquisitions, business lending for the potential owner and a Registered Advisory Firm owner who has successfully transitioned her practice.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

8:30am to 10:10am

Integrating Love and Emotions into Money Discussions

Speaker: Sonya Britt-Lutter, Ph.D., CFP®  

Money is the top source of arguments for couples and only 50% of couples reportedly discuss financial matters before marriage. The intergenerational nature of money is apparent for financial planners, but how to broach the topic with couples to minimize conflict is a bit harder. A love and money curriculum was developed to guide couples through conversations about the role money plays in their relationships. The results of our research indicate that positive outcomes for clients are possible from more overt conversations by their financial planners. In this session you will learn more about this curriculum, our research, and our intriguing findings in the areas of Cohabitation outside of Marriage; Money Arguments; and how behavior, emotional, values and culture affect attitudes and behavior related to money.

10:40am to 12:00pm

Wisdom in Our Midst – smaller 1 hr groups

Various Speakers

This will be a free-wheeling session composed of a panel of Roundup participants answering questions that have been submitted by the other participants on any planning-related topic.

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